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TikTok Troubleshooting

Disconnect Mixpost from your TikTok account

To disconnect your TikTok account from Mixpost, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile application
  2. Open menu and click on Settings and privacy
  3. Click on Security & permissions
  4. Click on Apps & services permissions
  5. Locate your TikTok app in the list and Remove access.

Unaudited client can only post to private accounts error

If you receive an error like this:

{ "data": { "error": { "code": "unaudited_client_can_only_post_to_private_accounts", "message": "Please review our integration guidelines at", "log_id": "105408192313012B7E16ADH24AE7B9BE01" } }, "reason": "Forbidden" }

It appears that you have not yet passed the audit for Direct Post. If the audit has not been passed, your limitations include:

  • Only posting on private accounts.
  • Only posting content privately by selecting Only You for the Who can watch this video option within the Mixpost dashboard.
  • Allowing up to 5 users to post within a 24-hour window.

You can read more on TikTok documentation website.