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Hosting Mixpost Pro

Welcome to the hosting guide for Mixpost Pro. This section is dedicated to helping you successfully set up the Mixpost Pro package, ensuring you have a smooth start. Choose from one of three installation methods based on your technical background and preferences.

Installation Options


If you have experience with Docker.

Manual Installation (PHP)

If you have basic PHP knowledge and know how to deploy a PHP application to a server.

In an existing Laravel app

If you are familiar with Laravel or currently manage a Laravel application.

Need Help?

If you encounter any issues during the installation, visit our Troubleshooting section for more detailed information and troubleshooting tips.

For those who prefer not to install Mixpost Pro themselves, we offer a professional installation service. Our team can handle the entire installation process for you, ensuring that Mixpost Pro is correctly set up and fully functional on your server. Contact us to learn more about this service or to schedule your installation.