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If you want to schedule posts on a LinkedIn personal account, you'll need to create and configure an app for this platform. This guide will walk you through the setup process.


If you are looking to be able to schedule posts on both personal accounts and business pages, read this guide.

1. Create a new app

  1. Navigate to the LinkedIn Developer Dashboard and click on Create App button.
  2. Fill out the required information, such as your app name and company name, LinkedIn page, privacy policy, and app logo.
  3. Agree to the LinkedIn Developer Terms of Use and click Create App
Create a new LinkedIn app

2. Add products

Now that your LinkedIn app is created, you can add the following products to it:

  • Share on LinkedIn
  • Sign In with LinkedIn using OpenID Connect

To add these products, click on Request access for each one and agree to the terms and conditions.

Add products 1Add products 2

3. Copy the credentials to Mixpost

Click on the Auth tab where you will find the Client ID and the hidden Primary Client Secret. Copy these credentials, then navigate to your Mixpost dashboard and paste them into the LinkedIn third-party service form. Additionally, for the Product field, select the Sign In using OpenID Connect & Share API option.

Third-Party Service form's in the Mixpost dashboard

Navigate to the User Menu at the bottom left, click Admin Console, and then click on Services from the left sidebar.

LinkedIn CredentialsLinkedIn Credentials in Mixpost Dashboard

3. Configure redirect URIs

Scroll down to the Authorized redirect URLs for your app field and add and save the following redirect URI:<MIXPOST_CORE_PATH>/callback/linkedin

Substitute <MIXPOST_CORE_PATH> with your specified MIXPOST_CORE_PATH. If you have not altered the MIXPOST_CORE_PATH environment variable, use the default value: mixpost.

LinkedIn  Configure redirect URIs 1LinkedIn  Configure redirect URIs 2

4. Done

You can test by adding your LinkedIn account to the Mixpost.

How to add a social account

Navigate to a workspace, then select Accounts from the left sidebar and click Add Account.