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LinkedIn Integration

If you want to schedule posts on a LinkedIn personal account or a business page, you'll need to create and configure an app for this platform. This guide will walk you through the setup process.


Mixpost integrates with two LinkedIn products that enable you to schedule posts on the platform. Each product is tailored to meet specific business needs.

Getting Started

Share on LinkedIn

Use Share on LinkedIn to enable Mixpost to post on personal accounts. The setup for this product is quick, taking just a few minutes.

Please read the guide for the Share on LinkedIn setup process.

Community Management API

Use Community Management API to enable Mixpost to post on both personal accounts and business pages. Your application will be reviewed by the LinkedIn team, which may take a few days.


Community Management API is only available for legal registered entities (e.g. LLC, Corporations, 501(c), etc.) and not individual developers.

Please read the guide for the Community Management API setup process.