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YouTube Integration

With Google's service, you will be able to post videos on your YouTube channel.

Before you start, make sure you have the following:

1. Enable YouTube Data API service

  1. Go to the Google Console and select your project.
  2. Click on Enable APIs and Services.
  3. Search for YouTube Data API v3 in the search bar and select it from the results.
  4. Click on the Enable button to activate the YouTube Data API v3.
Enable APIs and ServiceEnable APIs and Service 2Enable APIs and Service 3

2. Create the credentials

  1. Navigate to the Credentials tab and click on the Create credentials button.
  2. Choose OAuth client ID from the dropdown menu.
  3. If prompted, set up the OAuth consent screen by going to the OAuth consent screen tab and completing the setup before continuing to add the OAuth client ID.
  4. For Application Type, select Web application.
  5. Enter a name for your application.
  6. Add an Authorized redirect URIs<MIXPOST_CORE_PATH>/callback/youtube

Substitute <MIXPOST_CORE_PATH> with your specified MIXPOST_CORE_PATH. If you have not altered the MIXPOST_CORE_PATH environment variable, use the default value: mixpost.

  1. Click on the Create button.
Credentials 1Credentials 2Credentials 3Credentials 4

3. Copy the credentials to Mixpost

After creating the credentials, you will find the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy these credentials, then navigate to your Mixpost dashboard and paste them into the Google third-party service form.

Third-Party Service form's in the Mixpost dashboard

Navigate to the User Menu at the bottom left, click Admin Console, and then click on Services from the left sidebar.

Credentials Client ID and Client Secret 1Credentials Client ID and Client Secret 2

4. Done

You have successfully created and configured your Google App to use the YouTube Data API. You can now add a YouTube account to your Mixpost and schedule posts.

How to add a social account

Navigate to a workspace, then select Accounts from the left sidebar and click Add Account.