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TOS Pages


Some social networks requires you to provide Terms of Service URL and Privacy Policy URL and to fit with their conditions to offer access for their API. With Mixpost you can generate these pages in seconds.

Generate TOS pages

  1. In Mixpost Dashboard, navigate to the Admin Console then click on Pages.
  2. Click on Generate samples.
  3. Upload logo, input brand name, email and register url.
  4. Click on Generate.


Many social networks, such as TikTok, require a fully developed website to approve your application. We recommend integrating or adapting our samples into your existing website to meet these requirements effectively.

Remove page prefix

By default, TOS pages have a prefix after the domain in the url. Example:

If you choose to use pages directly from your Mixpost instance rather than from your main website, you must remove the pages prefix. This adjustment will allow your Mixpost instance to function seamlessly like a website.

To remove the pages prefix, set the MIXPOST_PUBLIC_PAGES_PREFIX environment variable to an empty string by adding the following line to your environment configuration:


Now, your homepage will display the content defined under Admin Console -> Pages as the homepage information.

You will be able to access the Mixpost Dashboard like this:<MIXPOST_CORE_PATH>

Substitute <MIXPOST_CORE_PATH> with your specified MIXPOST_CORE_PATH. If you have not altered the MIXPOST_CORE_PATH environment variable, use the default value: mixpost.