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Updating Mixpost Lite

Update involves improvements and bug fixes to enhance security and functionality, occurring regularly with little impact on user interaction.

It's important to keep your Mixpost Lite version up to date. This ensures you get the latest features and fixes. Follow these guidelines based on your installation method.

Update Using Docker

Updating Mixpost using Docker is straightforward. Ensure that you preserve the mounted volume during the process. Simply follow these steps:

Navigate to your folder where you have the docker-compose.yml the file then run:

# Pull the latest version
docker-compose pull

# Stop and remove the old container
docker-compose down

# Start a new container
docker-compose up -d

Update in a PHP Environment

This method applies if you have installed Mixpost Lite manually or within an existing Laravel application.

1. Update the Mixpost Lite Package

composer update inovector/mixpost

2. Clear the cache

php artisan route:clear
php artisan view:clear
php artisan mixpost:clear-services-cache
php artisan mixpost:clear-settings-cache

4. Optimize application

php artisan optimize

3. Terminate the Horizon process

php artisan horizon:terminate


Following these steps will ensure that your Mixpost Lite installation is updated with the latest versions, maintaining performance and security standards.