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Mixpost Lite: Environment Variables

Overview of Environment Variables.

Application environment variables

APP_NAMEstringMixpostThe name of your application.
APP_KEYstring-Key used to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data. Generate this using the following tool.
APP_DEBUGbooleanfalseDebug mode setting. Set to false for production environments.
APP_DOMAINstring-Your app's domain or subdomain, without the http:// or https:// prefix. (Docker only)
APP_URLstringhttp://example.comFull application URL.

Database environment variables

DB_HOSTstring127.0.0.1 ("mysql" for Docker)Specifies the hostname of the database server. Use "mysql" for Docker environments.
DB_PORTstring3306The port on which the database server is listening.
DB_DATABASEstringmixpost_dbThe name of the MySQL database used by the application.
DB_USERNAMEstringmixpost_userThe username for accessing the MySQL database.
DB_PASSWORDstring-The password for the MySQL database user.

Redis environment variables

REDIS_HOSTstring127.0.0.1 ("redis" for Docker)Specifies the hostname of the redis server. Use "redis" for Docker environments.
REDIS_PORTstring6379The port on which the redis server is listening.
REDIS_PASSWORDstring-The password for the Redis user.

File storage

MIXPOST_DISKstringpublicThe disk on which to store media files. Options:
- public
- s3
To use s3 disk you should fill in the AWS_* credentials.


AWS_ACCESS_KEY_IDstringAccess key for the S3 server.
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEYstringSecret key for the access key.
AWS_DEFAULT_REGIONstringHas to be set to a signing region:
AWS_BUCKETstringName of the bucket where Mixpost will store its files.

Logs environment variables

LOG_CHANNELstringsingleDefines the logging channel type for the application. Options include single for a single file or daily for a new file each day.
MIXPOST_LOG_CHANNELstring-Specifies a dedicated logging channel for capturing connection errors with social networks or third parties. If left blank, it defaults to the LOG_CHANNEL value.

System environment variables

MIXPOST_AUTH_GUARDstringwebThis option controls the default authentication guard for the Mixpost dashboard routes. (Not available in Docker).
MIXPOST_CACHE_PREFIXstringmixpostDefine cache prefix.

FFMPEG environment variables

FFMPEG_PATHstring/usr/bin/ffmpegThe path to the FFMPEG executable on your server. This is used for video processing and conversions. (Not available in Docker)
FFPROBE_PATHstring/usr/bin/ffprobeThe path to the FFPROBE executable on your server. FFPROBE is used for gathering information from multimedia streams. (Not available in Docker).

SSL environment variables

SSL_EMAILstringuser@example.comThe email address used for SSL certificate registration and notifications. (Docker only)